We finnaly got a piece of the pie!

Every few years I shed my skin.

I love Blogger, don't get me wrong, but I think I need something a little more robust on the user side. After all these years of dicking with code I'm going to buy a sahweeet template that makes my website look like... well like a website, and the work will have to speak for itself.

Speking of work, a lot of things have happend in the year since I last updated this site. Less drawing and more digital media, more creative direction and less sticker making. A LOT less spraytime with friends.

Maybe I'll just like keep this blog on a hidden page that exsists somewhere in the confines of Google's servers. Every once in a while when I get that old emo feeling I'll vent my passive agressision onto the interwebs for the world to ignore.

So I'll just leave this right here....

Mister Never 2008 Website

Mister Never 2006 Website (broken links)

Mister Never 2003 Website (flash)

Mural Fest @ Bartlett Yard

Woooop... SWAG!!! {{AIRHORN SOUND}} Hahahaha... I've been working so much it's hard to find the time to draw. But through the magic of synchronicity, I gathered up my AFH Saturday Crew and threw down on some collaborative chalk drawings for Mural Fest in Bartlett Yard.

Hanna-Barbarians x My Plastic Heart

My good friends over at Studio Miners put together this awesome Hanna-Barbera inspired group exhibition at MyPlasticHeart! featuring some of my favorite international artists. I was super honored to be a part of the show and it was nice to be back in good ole' NYC.

MRNVR x KINGPEN x Frame 301

On March 10th my good friend and Artists For Humanity co-worker Mary Nguyen and I packed up our bags, braved the oncoming snow storm and headed to Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, MA to document a site specific installation at their Frame 301 gallery space, a renovated storefront on Beverly's main drag.

South Boston Open Studios

A few months back wifey and I moved into a derelict loft in South Boston. Hours of labor and hundreds of dollars later Thomas Young Studio was an official destination of the 2012 South Boston Open Studios.

Opening Night: Natural Process

Much love to everyone who braved the rain and made it out to my two person exhibition with Josh Falk. We were both psyched to see so much love and get such positive feedback from everyone.

I especially want to thank James and Kate over at Lot F for all of their support and being so on top of their game. I stole most of these photos off their Facebook page which they update religiously.

Natural Process Preview

I'm very pleased to announce my upcoming two person exhibition with my good friend Josh Falk opening Friday September 7th at Lot F Gallery in Boston, MA.  We'll be showing new paintings, prints and drawings as well as photos. Gallery director James Wormser put together this promo video of the exhibition below.